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Private Jet Business starting to take off

The number of passengers in the North opting for private jets is soaring, operators say. Firms operating from Newcastle ... have seen big rises in business in the last few years, despite worries in some quarters about emissions from aviation fuels. Though costing thousands of pounds for even short trips, private jets allow people the luxury of avoiding airport queues and delays, with passengers able to turn up just minutes before their flight.

Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays has been operating private jets from Newcastle since 2003, and has this year seen a big growth in business as people opt for luxury travel. The business specialises in special celebrations, with people in the North turning to Jeffersons for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and for celebrating business deals.

Managing Director Robin Fawcett said: "Since Concorde ceased, private jet flights to a luxury hotel are perfect for a special celebration. About 60% of our business is special celebrations: birthdays, weddings, finding a special venue for proposing to a fiancé. The rest is affluent people who can't face airport hassle any more. Newcastle is a very vibrant place right now and we're seeing increasing interest for trips for business triumphs, wedding anniversaries and special holidays..."

Other popular private jet breaks include ski programmes in the Alps, luxury yacht sailing from Monaco and day trips to Paris with lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant, from £1,145...

Graeme Whitfield, Newcastle Journal