• September 28, 2018


Franchise Steps

Almost as easy as 1, 2, 3. We’re ready to get started when you are.

Our Franchisees

They might love chicken wings even more than you (I know, hard to believe, right?)

Franchise FAQ’s

Still have questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got answers.

Why Jefferson’s?

Our mission is to serve the freshest, highest quality food we can offer to the communities we are luckky to be a part of in an atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home whether they’re a large family, a sport enthusiast or a college student looking for some chicken wings. We are committed to finding franchisees who share these values, are ready to work hard—with us by their side— and are ready to have a little fun along the way.

If you can live with that, then let’s move to the next step.

Why are we growing?

  • Low start-up costs. We focus on 2nd generation spaces. Big bang for your buck.
  • Lower break even. Start making money faster.
  • Operational support. We got you.
  • Proven Model. We have everything from 2000 square feet to large stand-alone buildings. We are in towns of a few thousand to hundreds of thousands.
  • Brand recognition. We aren’t just another sports bar. We carry all the games, but families don’t shy away from coming to see us and college students know they can find cold beer here!
  • Ease of operation. Nearly 30 years of experience to develop systems and a track record of success.
  • We have FRESH, never frozen chicken wings on lock down. Let’s do this.

Jefferson’s Franchise Application

Interested in Franchising?

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Still not sure you can have your own Jefferson’s? Relax, it’s just chicken wings. Plus, we’re just a phone call away: (785) 856-0286

This form is not intended for job applicants and will not reach our human resources department. Visit here for job opportunities.

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