Our Story.

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What makes us, us

In the spring of 1990, after many classes, much beer, and about 12 years between them, two men graduated from a local university.

One man had an extraordinary craving for sports and drinking beer. While the other craved spicy food and beer. Upon putting their degrees to no use, they decided to open a place to solve both of their collegiate cravings.

Many things stood in the way of this goal: money, workers, equipment, and a building. Many sites were considered, and there was much red tape. Finally, after selling all their baseball cards for financing, and begging a local person to let them use his building, Jefferson’s opened in Jacksonville, AL.

Customers were hooked. People loved the chicken wings so much we used to run out of them. We spread to Lawrence, KS, then Georgia, then Tennessee. Finally, we thought we should spread the love and let other people in on the great world of Jefferson’s. A loyal customer loved our food so much, she opened the first franchise in Belleville, IL. Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 30 locations across six states.

But as we’ve grown, we’ve made sure to not lose who we are. You can go into any of our restaurants and you’ll see the infamous colored dollar bills hanging all over the wall. You’ll get the same great food and service no matter what state you’re in and you’ll get the feeling that this is a local, family-friendly, sports-themed chicken wing joint—a great one at that.

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