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Got the Scratch? Take the Cessna

Chartering a private jet for business travel offers freedom

It's a great idea. Private jet charter is a booming market on both sides of
the Atlantic for business travel. Savvy companies have found that they can save
money …save time and have the opportunity to take trips they could not take otherwise and to run to their own schedule.

There are about 600 airports in Europe where a private jet can land. Only about
170 are served by the major scheduled carriers. So why not offer short-break
vacation packages, incorporating private jet flights, limo transfers and accommodations at the finest hotels, the ultimate seamless vacations for those "high-end" travelers who have almost everything - except time?

Jeffersons Private Jet Holidays (, a new tour operator in
London, published its first brochure of short vacations in October, offering
a choice of the four-seat Cessna Citation CJ1, the larger Citation Excel with
stand-up cabin and the eight-seat Bombardier Learjet 45 and 32 luxury hotels
in eight countries…

You don't have to be a millionaire (though it helps) to aspire to the glossy
magazine lifestyle. The limo waiting at the steps of the private jet, the chauffeur
hefting designer suitcases and a gaggle of beautiful people exchanging bright,
confident smiles.

Prices start at £2,852 ($4,450) a person for a party of four with a Citation CJ1, from Biggin Hill-London or Oxford to Le Bourget near Paris, staying in junior suites at the Bristol in Paris. … you are picked up at home and driven to the airport at both ends with private check-ins and your own timetable and enjoy champagne and a picnic hamper on the way. No hassle, no crowds, no stress. What price do you put on that? Especially when it comes to a special occasion.

Mike Bevens, sales and marketing director at Jeffersons… says: "Robin Fawcett, our managing director, had the idea while waiting with his family at Luton Airport for a delayed EasyJet flight to Barcelona. He saw a private jet about to take off, and thought, 'If I can combine that with a traditional travel package … .'

The brochure is really meant to whet the appetite, Bevens says. Not many people
buy a ready-made package off the page. He says the company has had bookings for couples who want him to put together special packages, or who join up with friends to form a group, especially for a golf break.

Roger Collis, International Herald Tribune