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by private jet
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Travel Arrangements

Distinctly different travel arrangements

What's Included

  • Return flights in chosen private jet
  • Champagne, wine, soft drinks and Jeffersons hamper on outbound flight
  • Limousine transfer to and from restaurant

Departure airport, date and time

Flying by private jet means freedom. Freedom to use one of the 70 private jet airports around the UK and freedom from long waits in the terminal. Departure dates and times are up to you.

Travel Documentation

We will provide you with a Travel Portfolio approximately two weeks before departure. This includes your flight route and timings, details of how to get to the UK Airport, some information about your aircraft, a map of your destination area and details of your transfer and restaurant arrangements.

UK Transfers

Limousine: We will be happy to arrange for a limousine to pick you up from your home or office and take you to your chosen airport.

Helicopter: Alternatively, we can arrange for a helicopter transfer from your home or a nearby site. We can suggest suitable sites and will agree landing rights. Please ask for a quotation for either option.

Airport Parking

Complimentary secure parking is available at most departure airports for the duration of your holiday. At the majority of airports, parking is only a short walk from the aircraft, effectively allowing you to drive to the plane.

Check-in and baggage

One of the prime benefits of private jet travel is the lack of time-consuming departure procedures. There is no formal check-in and you can arrive as little as fifteen minutes before take-off. And, if you're delayed on the way to the airport, your plane will wait for you!


There are no specific baggage restrictions, though space is obviously limited and soft-sided luggage is preferable. Baggage space varies between aircraft and if you are planning to bring a large amount of baggage, please check beforehand that there will be sufficient space on your chosen aircraft.

Immigration and Customs

Our service includes pre-clearance with the immigration and customs authorities before you arrive. Your passport details will be requested upon booking.

The flight crew

All our jets have a crew of a captain and first officer who will introduce themselves when you arrive. Cabin staff are only available on larger aircraft.

In-flight refreshments

On board you will find chilled champagne, fine  wine, soft drinks and the Jeffersons hamper.

In-flight entertainment

Facilities vary between aircraft. Please check with us if you have any specific requests.

Transfers abroad

Return limousine transfers between your destination airport and restaurant are included in all Jeffersons holidays. For certain destinations helicopter transfers can be arranged.


We find that most of our clients already have appropriate insurance in place. Please check that your policy's cancellation cover is sufficient.

Jeffersons Gift Vouchers

Imagine the delight in giving or receiving a gift voucher for a luxury holiday. Jeffersons Gift Vouchers cover the holidays included in this brochure and can either be for a particular break (no price mentioned), or for a specific amount. It's hard to think of a more original or glamorous present for someone who really deserves a special treat.