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by private jet
Tel: 020 8746 2496

ITINERARY Lunch in Bruges

Sample Itineraries
9th November

09.45 Arrive Luton Airport, Signature Jet Terminal

10:00 Flight departs Luton

Aircraft type: Citation Jet

11.40 Arrive Ostend Airport, local time

Private limouisine transfer to Bruges city centre

Free time to stroll around the city

13.00 Lunch

A space has been reserved in your name at:-
Restaurant De Karmeliet
Langestraat 19
B-8000 Bruges
Tel: + 32 50 33 77 59

17.00 Private limouisine transfer to Ostend Airport

18.00 Flight departs from Ostend Airport

17.40 Arrive Luton Airport, Signature Terminal

Please note: All timings are subject to Air Traffic Control. Slots may be required from some airports or through some air space.