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CHAMPAGNE Les Crayères

Champagne: Les Crayeres Hotel

For a very special occasion only a champagne lunch will do. And where better to indulge than in the very heart of the Champagne region at one of France’s most celebrated restaurants? You can make a whole day of it by leaving early and returning late - at your choice of times.

Less than an hour’s flight by private jet from the south of England will take you to Reims where, at Les Crayères, you can enjoy the superb cuisine of Michelin-starred chef Philippe Mille. Here is the most perfect restaurant in a spectacular château surrounded by 14 acres of rambling parklands. You can taste not only the most exquisite flavours of his table but also sample the rare and extraordinary champagnes from his cellar. There are over 600 listed in the cartes des vins.

Many of our clients choose to start off their special day at the Pommery champagne house which is located a few minutes walk from Les Crayeres. At a private tasting you can compare the wines, and perhaps pick up a few bottles to take back to remind you of a very special day.


Guide Price: From £1,555 per person based on a day return for six people flying by Citation Mustang from Luton.

The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Other departure airports are available. Please contact us for details.

Guide Prices are low-season, entry prices. We include overseas limousine transfers but we do not include menus in our prices as we find clients prefer to make their own choices on the day.